Bioinformatics, PU

Computing Facility

The Computer Labs of Department of Bioinformatics at Pondicherry University are well furnished with modular workstations cabins and Centralized VRF Air Conditioning facility. Computers in the labs are accessible by the students and research scholars round the clock, and are connected with HPC servers, License servers and other resources made available in the Department. All the desktop computers are connected to the Internet at the speed of 1Gbps leased line Internet connectivity provided by Gov. of India through NKN project.

High Performance Computing Nodes

Falcon Node

Two number of Supermicro Workstations of dual 10-Core Processor at the speed of 2.2GHz with NVIDIA RTX 2080 TI GPU with 4352 cores and 11 GB GPU Memory at each workstation is added to the server facility in the year 2019. With this new servers molecular dynamics works on Gromacs and Amber can be done and one could able to perform 1 micro second simullations per day for an average size of atoms / amino acids.

Pelican Node

One number of Holoware Workstation with AMD Ryzen 9 5900X with 128 GB RAM and 6 TB Disk space is added to the facility to support NGX and Protien / Genome Networks related analysis.


We have separate computer labs for Research Scholars and PG Students to have a dedicated desktop machine for their research and Studies. Capacity of Research Scolars Computer Lab, M. Sc and M. Tech Computer Labs are 50nos, 50nos and 25nos receptively.

Desktop Systems in the labs are running on both Windows and Linux platforms

Web Hosting Services

WHM service being provided for the researchers working in our Centre under Faculty members. Databases and software tools developed in house under the guidance of faculty members are being validated by the corresponding faculty and are published in reputed Journal. The same databases and software tools are hosted in our servers under the domain name There are 15 research databases and software tools are hosted and being maintained by the Technical Support Team of the Bioinformatics Centre.

Web hosting servers are loaded with open source operating systems like Red Hat Linux, Cent OS and installed with services like Apache for http, MySql for database and PHP for web programming. Websites hosted in the Server are made available to the public use under the top domain and are being maintained with good power (24hoursUPS) and data backup.