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Computer programs are vital to genomics these days. They can figure out the most likely evolutionary relationships between organisms by analyzing their genetics and can be used for gene and protein sequencing. Drug design and discovery is about finding drugs that will help humans with particular diseases and problems

Schrodinger Suite

Schrodinger’s software tools are Commercial Licensed Scientific Products which include molecular dynamics simulations, quantum mechanics calculations, and virtual screening tools.

We have license for its products like Glide, Canvas, Maestro, Prime, Phase products.

Discovery Studio

Discovery Studio is a Commercial Licensed Scientific Suite of software for simulating small molecule and macromolecule systems. It provides researchers with a complete toolset to explore the nuances of protein chemistry and catalyze discovery of small and large molecule therapeutics from Target ID to Lead Optimization.

  • BIOVIA Allotrope
  • BIOVIA Analytical Instrumentation
  • BIOVIA Chemistry, Chemistry Advanced, Chemistry Data, ChemistryHub,PP Chemistry SDK, Chemistry Molecular Toolkit
  • BIOVIA Core, Core Utilities
  • BIOVIA Draw
  • BIOVIA Data Source Builder
  • Discovery Studio Client
  • Discovery Studio Core
  • Discovery Studio Pharmacophore
  • Discovery Studio Protein Modeling
  • Discovery Studio QM
  • Discovery Studio QSAR
  • Discovery Studio SBD
  • Discovery Studio Simulation
  • Discovery Studio X-ray
  • BIOVIA Materials Studio
  • BIOVIA Data Modeling, Advanced Data Modeling
  • BIOVIA R Statistics
  • BIOVIA Sequence Analysis

Schrodinger Suite

Amber is Academic Licensed Scientific suite of biomolecular simulation programs. Assisted Model Building with Energy Refinement (AMBER) is a family of force fields for molecular dynamics of biomolecules